Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bella terra photo shoot

I was in Tashket recently for the premiere of my new Uzbek film "Muhabbatnoma-Legend of love"Little had I known when I had signed this film that i will lose my heart to this beautiful city 3 hours flight away from Delhi.I was warned that the mercury dips really low in the winters but no one told me how beautiful the city looks shrouded in snow and how warm the people there are.

This was my second visit to tashkent, the first time I had gone for the shooting of our film.Going there again felt like coming home to me.The people there take hospitality very seriously and go out of their way to make guests feel at home.I loved their tradition of ladening the table with a variety of sweets,nuts,home pepared delicacies and offering guests tea in choi-pyaalas.I was amazed at the extent of similarity between Uzbek and Urdu.They have so many words in common with our language that within a week's time I had started conversing(with difficulty) in Uzbek.The language sounds very sweet n romantic and like in our very own Urdu it seems like Uzbeks whisper even when they are getting angry :)
I was Shot for the cover of the leading Fashion Magazine of Uzbekistan-"Bella Terra".I decided with my stylist to wear the national costume of India-Saree as well as an Uzbek costume complete with the cap and a sling bag..Here are some unedited pictures from that shoot.I think I managed to look both Indian and Uzbek convincingly...will post the cover of the magazine as soon as I can lay my hands on it :)

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